Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flash Cards & Cookies on the Lido Deck

I feel like I have fallen into a trap that I know is very common for stay at home moms. I am constantly scheduling activities that will either stimulate my childrens' brains to the fullest extent, expand their social skills with other kids, expose them to new and interesting forms of expression, or just trying to wear them out for a successful naptime. Unfortunately, I have created a monster. Every morning this summer my son lovingly looks up at me and inquires, "So, where are we going today?".
First of all, it's 150 degrees outside, so we can't go anywhere outdoors between the hours of 7am and 6pm. That leaves us with the rousing prospect of watching the sunrise or the sunset. Trust me, Reagan is not amused. So that brings me to look at my husband desperately as he leaves for work and beg, "Give me some ideas of where we could go. What can we do?"
Matthew, as always, puts it in perspective. "You are not their cruise director. You're the mom. No pressure."
Deep breath. That's right! I don't have to have something awe inspiring planned every day. Remember how we could play for hours as children with a large box, some sidewalk chalk or a hose? We were like the miniature McGuyver's of the 80's. I've realized that sometimes I am actually doing my children a disservice by not letting them rely on their imaginations and a day in the house as they learn to ENTERTAIN THEMSELVES.
I know it's not a new idea, but sometimes it just helps to hear that it's okay to just let them do their thing.
So when does preschool start back up again?

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Anonymous said...

First let me say that you have the most amazing writing skills! I love to read your blog! It's so witty, entertaining, and very easy to relate to! I am thoroughly impressed!

This entry reminds me of Christmas... you give a child the most amazing, most expensive gift you can possibly afford (or not afford), and what do they do? They play with the box it came in, or the wrapping paper, or the $2 bazooka you got at the dollar store for their last-minute stocking stuffer.

I can hear my mom saying, "Give a boy a stick and he can play for hours."