Monday, September 3, 2007

A Little Too Much Temptation

Being just days away from turning five, sometimes it is very hard to decipher if Ian's musings are sweet and innocent or if he has inherited his mother's (and father's) sarcasm. Yesterday, while visiting Matthew's dad (Papa), there was one very clear rule outlined for the children. Don't touch the glass table. It is a pedastal table with an extremely heavy glass top that is not anchored by anything but it's weight. If the kids lean on one end the "see-saw effect" takes over and the glass tilts toward them. If it were to continue on its slide downward (which has never happened) there would surely be a loss of digits or at least serious injury to said digits. We usually take the glass off, but there is a reverence for the table now, so it did not seem necessary. Enter Child Protective Services-stage left. But seriously...
So I left the room to chat with my family and I hear the dull thud of the right side of the glass returning to its rightful place on the pedastal. I sprinted to the next room with the speed of an Olympic athlete to find the tabletop slightly askew and Ian's face flush with a "That could have been really bad" expression on his face.
"What did I say was the # 1 rule?"
"Yes," he said, his voice shaking a little. "Now what's # 2?"
I think he was actully planning on breaking them one at a time.
Thankfully, it is almost time to go back to preschool. Reagan is going into her two year old class with all of her buddies from last year. They are absolutely adorable! And Ian is off to Pre-K! It is unbelievable to me.
And of course, I am back to teaching Music & Movement with my good friend and teaching partner, Alyssa. Here's an assignment for anyone who's ever been involved in a Mommy & Me Music class. We are offering a twenty minute Mommy & Me session each week to the mothers of our youngest group of kids (12 - 18 mo). This is the first time we have led a group like this, and we have a lot of basic ideas. If anyone has had a creative activity that sticks out in their mind, feel free to post it under comments. The majority of these kids are 12 months and barely walking just to give you an idea of their skill set (which includes what appears to be an attempt at inhebriated stumbling). Thanks in advance!

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